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Network load is a set of operations in the blockchain that are waiting for confirmation due to low commission, increased load and other factors. The health of the system is provided by miners who use computing power to process transactions and search for the necessary hash during the operation. First, transactions with a higher commission are processed, then miners are taken for transactions with a lower premium. So a queue is formed, in the "head" of which operations are more profitable for miners, and in the "tail" - payments with a minimum premium.
If the sender needs a quick transfer, he sets a higher reward, which ensures that the transaction is included in the block without delay. With savings on the commission, a new operation can take up to 3 days or more.
When creating an application on our website, you will be able to see the recommended commission of the network. This commission will increase the chance of a quick confirmation of the transaction.

Payment for your application may be delayed for the following reasons:

  • the bank or payment system delays the transfer according to internal rules;
  • the transaction does not yet have the required number of confirmations for enrollment;
  • the payment system delays the payment for security checks. Some systems may delay payment for additional confirmation or security checks.

Our service can not affect the operation of third-party services and the speed of crediting funds.

You can create an application in our service both by registering in advance and without registration. To create an application, you need to go through several simple steps:
1) Select the direction of exchange, specify the amount.
2) Fill in all the fields of the application and be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of exchange. After that, click the "Go to payment" button.
3) If you make an exchange from a bank card, you need to go through the verification procedure.
4) Pay for the application according to the issued details. After successful payment, click the "I have paid" button.
5) Wait for the application to be processed and the funds credited to your card.

In your personal account you can always track the status of your application in the "Applications" section. In addition, we will send you information about the status of the execution of the application to the mail that you specified during registration. This information can also be clarified with the operator by writing to us in the chat or telegram.

As a rule, this question is asked by users when sending BTC. We would like to warn you that we process applications in this direction after two confirmations from the Bitcoin network. The speed of transaction confirmation depends on the network load, as well as on the commission you spent when sending coins.
You can get acquainted with the recommended commission for sending funds on the website.

You can click on the "I paid" button as soon as you have completed the entire algorithm of actions for withdrawing funds from the exchange. Our operators understand that the cryptocurrency may arrive with a delay and will not immediately delete your application. But it will be better if you write to us in the chat and notify the operator about this situation. We would like to warn you that if the funds do not arrive within 8 hours, then you will need to re-create an application for the current rate.

When contacting the operator, you need to specify the application number, as well as send a screenshot to the mail about the withdrawal of funds, where the address of the sender / recipient, the amount, time and hash of the transaction are visible.

When processing your application, an error occurred, the cause of which is indicated in your personal account or in a letter sent to your e-mail. To resolve the error, please contact the technical support chat or

In order to recover the password, it is necessary to click the "Forgot the password?" button on the authorization page to your personal account. Next, you will need to specify your e-mail address, to which you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If the letter has not arrived in your mail, check the "Spam" folder.