Link your #OOFCHANGER account with an "XBS account" for a small fee and receive 1.70% cashback along with a 3% affiliate commission. You'll earn affiliate commissions from your downline exchanges or ongoing business activities. Once added to your downline, you'll earn from this site for life. For further details, please contact our WhatsApp support team. Remember: Simply upgrade to XBS for 2 USD (including fees), add a minimum of 2 people, and you could earn up to 200 USD. Thank you!

**Notice for OSH & B2B services closed!**

To All Customers,


We would like to inform you that our OSH (OofChanger Stake Holder) & B2B (OofChanger Business) services will be discontinued by March 31, 2024. We anticipate your cooperation in withdrawing your funds as part of this consolidation process.

Instructions for opening your account under our XBS (xBusiness Soluation) project are provided below:

1. Contact our WhatsApp admin team to initiate the process.
2. Then, apply to open an account with XBS.
3. You'll need to pay a nominal fee for account opening (a minimal fee is required for processing, and later you will need to introduce 2 individuals for business).

Please note, once your account is opened under XBS, details on how to transfer balances from OSH & B2B to your XBS account will be provided by contacting our WhatsApp team.

Thank you.

OofChanger Exchanger Team